Library Cards & PINs

Library Card

Your library card allows you to check out books from the Warren County Memorial Library. An adult must present valid photo identification with a current and correct address when applying for a library card.


Your PIN is the last Four digits of your account number.

Library Desk

Youth Library Card

To be eligible for borrowing, youth under the age of 18 must have a parent, grandparent or legal guardian with borrowing privileges and must sign the youth’s registration card. The parent’s, grandparent’s or guardian’s signature on the youth’s card indicates that he/she assumes responsibility for all materials charged out on the youth’s card and their safe return. If the dependent accrues any fees and fines on the card, the sponsoring parent’s, grandparent’s or guardian’s card and the cards of any other children or youth, sponsored by the same parent or guardian will be frozen until all fees and fines are paid.


 The following are eligible to be served by the Warren County Memorial Library:

  • Residents of Warren County
  • Property owners of Warren County
  • Persons employed in Warren County
  • Persons attending an educational institution in Warren County
  • Reciprocal borrowers from Vance, Granville, Franklin, and Halifax, Northampton Counties in NC
  • Residents of Virginia who live in Mecklenburg and Brunswick Counties which border Warren County

 In order to get a card, the following conditions must be met: 

  •  An adult must present a valid photo identification (current and correct address must be on the ID). No other documentation shall be required if this photo ID contains a Warren, Vance, Granville, Franklin, Halifax, Northampton Counties, Mecklenburg and Brunswick address.
  •  The applicant can present one piece of valid documentation providing current information. Examples of said documentation shall include but not be limited to the following:
    •  tax bill
    • water bill
    • vehicle registration
    • current paycheck stub from a Warren County employer
    • proof of enrollment in a Warren County Educational Institution
    • proof that the applicant is an eligible patron from another county or state.

Annual Validation

The Library card is valid for a one-year period, at which point it will be verified upon the patron’s next use of the card and cleared for another one-year period. 

Replacement Card

A replacement card will be issued for a charge of $3.00. The patron is required to notify the Library immediately if his/her card is stolen. He/she is responsible for all materials checked out on the card until the Library is notified of the theft.