Broadband Initiative

RFP Information

In an effort to address connectivity issues, the pursuit of broadband expansion in Warren County is a priority. The Warren County Board of Commissioners is working to seek broadband providers interested in providing service in Warren County.

Warren County is partnering with Mighty River, LLC, a NC-based broadband consultant firm, in this effort.

Please see the attached Final RFP.  The County will receive responses to this RFP until March 4, 2020 at 5:00p.m. at  After that time, the RFP will be finalized.

Click below to view Broadband RFP.

Final Broadband RFP

RFP Timeline Schedule

January 7, 2020: Request for Proposals (RFP) issued by Warren County

January 21, 2020: 1:00 pm; Warren County RFP overview meeting with potential vendors (web conference link shared by request via  (Vendor Meeting Slides)

January 30, 2020: Questions from vendors due

February 6, 2020: Answers to vendor questions posted

March 4, 2020: RFP responses due by 5:00 pm

Click below for Feasibility Study

2018 Broadband Feasibility Study- Warren County (Conducted by RiverStreet Networks)

Vendor Questions & Answers

1) Can we get a copy of the slides from the vendor meeting?

Yes, we will post them to the website.

2) Does the County own any electricity distribution poles for fiber attachments?

All poles in Warren County are owned by either Duke Energy or Halifax Electric Membership Cooperative. Warren County is happy to provide contacts for each company.

Here is a rough outline of Halifax EMC’s service area and Duke Energy Service Territory in Warren County:

Halifax EMC Service Area

3) Is there any existing Open Access fiber in Warren County?

MCNC’s Golden LEAF Rural Broadband Initiative middle-mile fiber network possesses dark fiber available for lease. Interested parties can contact MCNC directly. Here is a high-level map of the network:

Conterra Ultra Broadband built a fiber WAN for Warren County School District in 2013. There are excess dark fiber strands on this network. Please contact Conterra if you are interested in discussing the availability of fibers on this network.

4) The RFP states that Warren County may support respondents to the RFP with a subsidy of up to 20% of the capital investment the respondent makes in broadband infrastructure in the County. What respondent costs are included in determining the respondent’s investment?

Warren County calculates the respondents capital investment using the following costs:

- Design of the proposed broadband infrastructure deployment

- Engineering of the proposed broadband infrastructure deployment

- Administrative costs including those related to securing permits, easements, and rights of way

- Materials including all outside plant materials for a fiber build (fiber; conduit; handholes aerial make-ready; markers, networking equipment (optics, routing, and switching) and all towers, radios, networking equipment, securing of licensed spectrum for a wireless deployment

- Construction labor

Respondents must show a breakdown of these costs and if selected produce invoices to qualify for this subsidy.