Warren County Memorial Library

Warren County Memorial Library
Warren County Memorial Library
119 South Front Street
Warrenton, NC 27589
Phone: (252) 257 4990
Fax: (252) 257 4089

Hours of Operation:
9:00AM to 7:00PM Monday - Thursday
9:00AM – 5:00PM Friday
10:00AM - 2:00PM Saturday


Warren County Memorial Library serves the following counties:

  • Residents of Warren County
  • Persons owning property of Warren County
  • Persons employed in Warren County
  • Persons attending an educational institution in Warren County
  • Reciprocal borrowers from Vance, Granville, Franklin, and Halifax counties
  • Residents of Virginia who live in Mecklenburg and Brunswick Counties

Library’s Services

Community Meeting Room
The meeting space may be reserved for use by educational, civic, cultural and governmental groups for educational, civic, and governmental activities. Private organization may also be allowed to use the meeting space for educational meetings open to the public. Committees or associations affiliated with one or more churches will be allowed the use of the meeting space for business meetings when no religious services are involved. Contact the library’s calendar coordinator to schedule a meeting or event.

Homebound Delivery Services
Warren County Residents who are physically unable to visit the Warren County Memorial Library will be considered for Homebound Services. Homebound criterion are (1) an inability to leave home (2) leaving home requires a considerable effort by the individuals (3) such as relying on a wheelchair, cane or needing assistance of another person and trips outside the home must be of an infrequent or of relatively short duration. Contact the Warren County Memorial Library for additional information.

Day Care Services
Children’s Service Librarian will deliver and pickup materials for daycares that meet the qualification criteria. Day Care Services criterion (1) The daycare center must have a minimum of five children, (2) daycare center must be located in Warren County (3) the director of the daycare will be responsible for all material, fines/fees associated with lost or damaged materials.

Computer Usage Services
The library provides free computer usage to anyone wishing to use a computer or the internet. A person must have a current and valid library card and/or a guest card is available for nonresidents or visitors to the county. Free Wi-Fi service is available.

Faxing and Copying Services
Library does offer fax processing with a cost of $2.50 for the first page and subsequent pages are $.50 per page. A copy machine is available with a cost of $.05 per page for black and white and $.10 per page for colored.

Visual Impairment Station
If you have some vision problems and need to read materials the library has a visual impairment reader. For more information, contact the library.

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