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Warren County Planning, Zoning and Code Enforcement
Zoning and Code Enforcement
542 W. Ridgeway Street
Warrenton, NC 27589
Phone: (252) 257 7027 (Zoning)
Phone: (252) 257 1305 (Building Dept)
Fax: (252) 257 1083
Hours: 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday - Friday
Thank you for visiting our department site. We hope that this site will make the zoning, permitting and construction process an enjoyable experience. Our staff is ready to assist you. Visit the links on the left to find out more information about our department.
Our Staff

Ken Krulik, Planning Director

Joyce Green-Williams, Assistant Planner

Baron Williams, Code Enforcement Administrator

Sakima Mills, Code Enforcement Officer

Shawn Burton, Administrative Support – Code Enforcement


Q: What does the age of a mobile home have to before set up in Warren County?
A: At this time there is not an age limit.

Q: What are the setbacks of a home?
A: 10 foot on the side, 30 foot on the front, and 25 foot on the back. For more information regarding the zoning and planning for Warren County please feel free to call our office at 252-257-7027

Q: How far in advance does an inspection need to be scheduled?
A: If you need to schedule an inspection, you should call the day before work will be ready for inspection. For example, if your work will be ready to be inspected on Tuesday, request inspection on Monday. Work should be accessible to the inspector. You may leave the door unlocked, leave a key onsite for the inspector or have someone onsite. If work is not accessible, a re-inspection fee will be charged. All work should be ready to be inspected at 8:30 AM on the day inspection is requested.

Q: What needs to be completed for my final inspection on a singlewide manufactured home?
A: Before occupancy is allowed and power approved, a manufactured home must be completely set up, blocked, tied down, all electrical, plumbing, plumbing test and sewer connections complete and landings provided. The landing must be at least a 3 x 3; you can build up to a 6 x 6 landing without a charge.

Our office does not sell code books. You may purchase code books from North Carolina Department of Insurance. Our Code Enforcement Officers can help clarify code sections you may find difficult, however, we are not able to design structures
Warren County Residential Fees
Decription of Permit Type Min. Amt SF Amt
Building - Residential
Heated 0.20
Unheated 0.15
Porches/Decks $20.00 0.08
Manufactured Homes
Single Wide $220.00 incl. trades
Double wide $295.00 incl. trades
Triple Wide $320.00 incl. trades
Modular Homes $.20 plus trades
On-Site Consults $40.00
Re-Inspection $40.00
up to 400 SF $50.00
400-600 SF $75.00
Over 600 SF $100.00
Multi Family - 1st Unit $225.00  
Each Additional Unit $110.00
Bulkheads $25.00  
Boathouse/Pier $50.00 0.10 plus trades
Residential Additions $50.00 0.10
Residential Electric Permit $40.00
Residential Plumbing Permit $40.00
Residential Mechanical Permit $40.00
Service Poles $40.00
Special Inspection $40.00
Swimming Pools $40.00
Service Poles $40.00
New Rest Homes / Day Cards $40.00
On-site Consultations $20.00
Signs - Commercial  
Penalty for Building w/o permit double-fee
Cell Towers  
Accessory Building/Garage $20.00 0.01
Metal Additions - Any Use $0.20
Metal Buildings $0.15
Metal Buildings - Commercial $0.20
Non Residential (Total Construction) $0.40  
Professional Offices/Clinics $0.20
Warehouse Construction $0.40  
Commercial Buildings $0.20  
Additions (any use)    
Fire Inspections
up to 500 sq.ft $35.00  
5001-10000 sq.ft $50.00  
Over 10000 sq.ft $100.00  
Accessory Buildings $40.00  
Mandated Inspections    
Rest Homes $25.00  
Day Cares $25.00  
Family Care Homes $25.00  
Schools $25.00  
Foster Care Homes
Tents $20.00  
Flammable Storage Tanks $20.00 per tank
Planning Board Fees    
Minor Subdivision w/o new
Right-of-Way = Technical
Review Committee Review (TRC)
1-4 lots $25.00
5-9 $75.00
Major Subdivision with new
Right-of-way = Planning Board
Review Preliminary Plat Review
Final Plat Review
1-9 lots $100
10-20 $200.00
21 lots or more $250.00 flat
fee plus
$10 each additional lot
Exempt Plats   $25.00
Variance Petition   $150.00
Rezoning Petition   $150.00
Development Permit(Non-Zoned Area)   $25.00
Zoning Permit   $50.00
Town of Norlina Zoning Permit   $25.00
Zoning Ordinance   $30.00
Subdivision Ordinance   $30.00
Comprehensive Land Use Plan   $30.00
Sedimentation and Erosion Control   $30.00
Ordinance (when adopted)   $30.00
Nuisance Ordinance   $30.00