• Young girl seated in crowd of children
  • Young boy in crowd
  • Woman in uniform with children
  • Uniformed woman talking to children
  • Uniformed people talking to children
  • Uniformed people sitting on floor with children
  • Uniformed people posing with children
  • Uniformed man reading book to children
  • Uniformed man holding picture book
  • Uniformed man holding book
  • Uniformed man holding book reading from it
  • Turkey on a page in a book
  • Seated uniformed man holding picture book
  • Seated children
  • Picture in book
  • Picture book with sheep and pig
  • Page of picture book
  • Page of book showing pigs
  • Man pointing to page in book
  • Man pointing out page in book
  • Man in uniform reading book
  • Man holding book with pictures
  • Man holding book titled Turkey Trouble
  • Man holding an open book with a turkey on the page
  • Group of seated children
  • Group of children
  • Group of children sitting together
  • Children watching speaker
  • Children walking together
  • Children sitting on ground
  • Children seated on play mat
  • Child clapping
  • Child clapping in crowd
  • Adults standing together
  • Adults speaking to children
  • Adults and children seated together

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