• Young girls helping presenter
  • Woman presenting science to crowd
  • Woman at table doing demonstration
  • Seated children wearing costumes
  • Presenter with kids helping
  • Presenter talking to children
  • Presenter making smoke come out of a bowl
  • Presenter holding steaming cup
  • Presenter holding steaming bowl
  • Presenter holder balloon
  • Presenter being helped by kids
  • Presentation with children assisting
  • People walking around display in Library
  • Group of people in costumes
  • Group of children and adults
  • Girl in costume sitting on lap of woman
  • Crowd watching presentation
  • Crowd at presentation
  • Costumed children posing for photo
  • Children wearing costumes
  • Children in costumes smiling
  • Children helping with presentation
  • Children dressed up in costumes
  • Children and adults walking around
  • Child wearing costume smiling
  • Boy pouring soap into dish
  • Boy pouring soap as presenter speaks
  • Baby holding book
  • Baby holding book smiling
  • Adults and kids walking around

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