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Warren County Department of Social Services

Department of Social Services
307 N. Main Street
Warrenton, NC 27589
Phone: (252) 257 5000
Fax: (252) 257 5610
Hours: 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday - Friday

The Warren County Department of Social Services manages:


The Warren County Department of Social Services provides a wide variety of social work and economic services:

Social Work Services:

Child and Family Social Work services include:

  • Protective Services (abuse and neglect)
  • Family Preservation and Support Services 
  • Foster Care Placement
  • Adolescent Parenting Program
  • Adoption Services
  • Recruitment and licensing of Foster Homes

Adult Social Work services include:

  • Protective Services (abuse and neglect)
  • Guardianship Services
  • Adult Foster Care Services
  • Counseling and Arranging for Services for Disabled Adults
  • Adults Day Care
  • Services for the Blind
  • In-Home Aide Services
  • Adult Care Home Recruitment and Evaluation

Economic Services Programs:

Warren County DSS provides services that help low income families get and maintain work, support employment, promote quality health care coverage, food assistance, energy assistance and other economic supports for families.

These services include:

Key Staff Contacts


Director: Ryan Whitson/ (252) 257-5000 /

Administrative Officer II:
Mary Ann Roberson / (252) 257-5020  /

Computer Systems Administrator I:
Sallie W. Smiley / (252) 257-5000 ext. 5031/

Child Protective Services Supervisor:
Dianna Talley / (252) 257-5007 /

Foster Care Supervisor:
Wynona Thomas / (252) 257-5850 /

Adoption Services Supervisor:
Wynona Thomas / (252) 257-5850 /

Adult Services Manager:
Renae Alston/ (252) 257-5024 /

Adult Protective Services Supervisor:
Renae Alston/ (252) 257-5024 /

Adult Care Home Specialist: 
Renae Alston/ (252) 257-5974 /

Health Choice for Children Supervisor:
Kristie Harris / (252) 257-5000 ext. 5029 /

Adult Medicaid Supervisor:
Francine Allen / (252) 257-5000 ext. 5030 /

Family and Child Medicaid Supervisor:
Kristie Harris / (252) 257-5000 ext. 5029 /

Food and Nutrition Services Supervisor:
Lora Edwards / (252) 257-5000 ext. 5028 /

Work First Employment Program Supervisor:
Kristie Harris / (252) 257-5000 ext. 5029 /

Child Day Care Subsidy Program Coordinator:
Sharon Burchette / (252) 257-5010 /

Child Support:
Kristie Mayfield / 252-257-1165 /

Transportation Supervisor
Johnna Carver / (252) 257-5021 /

Medical Transportation Coordinators:
Melanie Jones / (252) 257-5014 /
Sonya Goode/ (252) 257-5011 /

DSS Board Members:
Chairman Stella Rideout, Vice Chair Constance Davis; Betty O'Neal; William Kearney; Commissioner Bertadean Baker

Board of Commissioners: 
Chairman Victor Hunt; Vice Chairman Tare “T” Davis; Jennifer Pierce; Bertadean Baker; Walter Powell

NC Legislative Delegation:
House: Terry Garrison; Senate: Angela Bryant


Research & Online Information


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Management Assistance for the Work First Program Management assistance for the Work First Program is a result of the partnership between the Jordan Institute for Families at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the Department of Health and Human Services. This site contains work related to the collection, analysis, and interpretation of Work First county-specific Work First data. For each county, demographics, caseload characteristics, caseload dynamics, and data on two parent caseloads and child only caseloads are presented.

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