County Manager


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Warren County was established in 1779 and named for Dr. Joseph Warren who died in the battle of Bunker Hill. Rich in historical significance, the county’s 443 square miles of rolling fields are home to some 20,000 residents who enjoy its rural charm.


We operate under the council-manager form of government. North Carolina General Statute 153A-82 designates the county manager as chief administrative officer for county government, responsible to the board of county commissioners for directing and supervising the administration of all county offices, departments, boards, commissions, and agencies under the general control of the board of commissioners. The county manager shall see that the orders, ordinances, resolutions, regulations of the Board of Commissioners are faithfully executed and shall prepare and submit the annual budget and capital program to the Board.

Governing Body

The governing body is a five-member Board of Commissioners, representing five voting districts, elected at large to serve four-year staggered terms. The County Manager, appointed by the Board serves as the chief administrative officer for approximately 250 full-time employees, with general control of some 21 departments with an annual operating budget in excess of $25 million.

County Administration

County administration strives to improve governmental effectiveness to meet our citizen’s needs as well as our governing body’s expectations by delivering services that exceed performance standards, thereby demonstrating a good return for tax dollars. Our methodology utilized toward this end is based on creating and maintaining a work environment that, on balance, motivates our workforce to excel in the provision of those services.

County Organization Chart

Warren County Organization Chart

Warren County Strategic Plan 2021-2024

2021-2024 Strategic Plan (PDF)