Duties & Responsibilities

The County Finance Office has responsibility for the following functions:

  • Receipt and Disbursement of all County funds
  • Payroll Function for all County Employees
  • Cash Management and Investments
  • Grant Budgeting and Management
  • Maintenance of Fixed Asset Records
  • Management of Budget of all Funds Preparation of Financial Reports and Statements

FY 23 Proposed Budget

FY 23 Budget Message

FY 23 General Fund Proposed Budget

FY 23 Special Funds and Enterprise Funds Proposed Budget

FY 22 Adopted Budget

FY 22 Budget Book

FY 22 Budget Ordinance

FY 22 Budget Message

FY 22 General Fund Adopted Budget

Fund 73 Adopted Budget

Fund 69 Adopted Budget

Fund 66 Adopted Budget

Fund 65 Adopted Budget

Fund 62 Adopted Budget

Fund 27 Adopted Budget

Fund 22 Adopted Budget

FY Audit (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report)

FY21 Warren County Audit

FY 20 Warren County Audit

FY 19 Warren County Audit

FY 21 Adopted Budget

FY 21 Budget Book

FY21 Adopted Budget

FY 21 Adopted Budget Ordinance

FY 21 Budget Message

FY 20 Adopted Budget

FY 20 Adopted General Fund Revenues

FY 20 Adopted General Fund Expenditures

FY 20 Adopted Special Funds and Enterprise Funds

  1. Lee Faines

    Finance Director

  2. Finance

    Physical Address
    548 West Ridgeway Street
    Warrenton, NC 27589


    Phone: 252-257-1778
    Fax: 252-257-6523


    Monday - Friday
    8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.