Assistance & Health Choice

Work First Family Assistance

Work First Family Assistance is a time limited cash assistance program for families with dependent children with an emphasis on job placement for all recipients. Work First Family Assistance also includes referrals to other helping agencies in the community.

Family Assistance Services Include:

  • Temporary aid cash assistance
  • Referrals to other helping agencies in the community

NC Health Choice (NCHC)

North Carolina Health Choice is health coverage that is to be provided under the federal Title XXI program, which was approved by the North Carolina General Assembly, signed into law by Governor Hunt and approved by the United States Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA). The program was implemented in October 1998, allowing families to obtain health coverage for their children who are otherwise ineligible for Medicaid and not covered by comprehensive health insurance.

In addition to family income eligibility, children must have been uninsured for two months prior to their application, unless the child has special needs that must be verified by a health care professional. It must be determined the child or children are not qualified for Medicaid.

Income Levels

There are essentially two countable income levels. If the family's countable income is at or below 150% of the federal poverty level, there is no fee required. If the family's countable income is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level, there is a fee of $50 for one child and $100 for two or more children.

Medical Help Early

North Carolina Health Choice is important to working families who cannot afford health care for their children. With out health coverage, babies may not get the checkups that make sure they are growing healthy and strong. Families may wait until a child is very sick before seeking medical help, sometimes getting help only in an emergency. Untreated illnesses can have long-lasting consequences, such as hearing loss caused by ear infections.