Not-Accepted Items at Centers

Not-Accepted Waste

  • Burning or smoldering waste
  • Commercial, industrial or contractor waste
  • Construction demolition
  • Dead animals
  • drums/tanks
  • infectious, hazardous or liquid
  • Poisons, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides
  • Waste from residents outside of Warren County
  • Waste that is radioactive, untreated, regulated,
  • Yard waste

Not-Accepted Commingled Recyclables

View this list of Commingled Recyclables which are not accepted at the Convenience Centers:

  • Car Parts or Light Bulbs
  • Ceramics and Dishes
  • Disposable Diapers or Dish Rags
  • Food or Soiled Paper
  • Frozen Food Trays/Plastic Wrap
  • Garbage, Syringes, or Glassware
  • Lids, Caps or Plastic Bags
  • Paper Towels, Plates or Napkins
  • Plastic Cups, Plates or Utensils
  • Plastic Take-out Food Containers
  • Scrap Aluminum or Non-ferrous Metal
  • Stams and Stickers in Junk Mail
  • Styrofoam Containers or Pellets
  • Yogurt Cups/Margarine Containers