Research Paper

Working on a research paper?

Here’s how you…

Find Books

  • Use the Online Catalog
  • Use the keyword search to find your topic
  • Group phrases together with quotation marks (“underage drinking”) and group similar terms together using the word and (teens and drinking)
  • If you are having trouble, try varying your search terms (underage drinking, alcoholism, alcohol and teens, teens and “alcohol use”)

Find Articles From Magazines, Journals or Newspapers

The library is loaded with current magazines, journals and newspapers. But if you connect to NC Live or the State Library of North Carolina you have access to hundreds more.

Find Articles From Reference Books & Encylopedias

Reference books can be checked out, or you may copy any needed pages if you don’t want to take the book home. If you can’t find a reference book on your exact topic, think more broadly (i.e. underage drinking is both a health issue and a social issue - try a health or sociology encyclopedia.) NC Live and the State Library of North Carolina have excellent collections of digital reference books.


And don’t forget, you can always ask a librarian. We’re here to help!