There are no term limits set. Members are appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

Commissioner Bertadean BakerDesignated (4th term)Jan2011 to Dec2016
Jan2017 to Dec2018
Jan2019 to Dec 31-2020
Nicole Blackwell, Committee SecretaryAppointedN/A
William CoxAppointedN/A
Paul Denison, Emergency AdvisoryAppointedN/A
Anne Edmonds, County Red CrossAppointedN/A
Walter Gardner, Warrenton MayorAppointedN/A
Kaye Hall, Health DepartmentAppointedN/A
William Hawks, At-LargeAppointedN/A
Karl Hehl, Southern StatesAppointedN/A
Angelena Kearney-Dunlap, Clerk to the BoardAppointedN/A
Denise Massengil, AAA GasAppointedN/A
Wayne Mitchell, Coop Water Treatment FacilityAppointedN/A
Joey Mustian, School AdministrationAppointedN/A
Parker, 1st SGT Highway PatrolAppointedN/A
Dennis Paschall, EMS CoordinatorAppointedN/A
Stephen Pelfrey1st termJune 1, 2017 to May 31, 2020
Bruce Perkinson, Hawtree VFDAppointedN/A
Macon Robertson, Public UtilitiesAppointedN/A
Robby Ross, Department of TransportationAppointedN/A
Luci Weldon, Warren Record NewspaperMedia RelationsN/A
Todd Wemyss, Glen Raven MillsAppointedN/A
Johnny Williams, SheriffAppointedN/A
Steve Young, Royster ClarkAppointedN/A