Spay and Neuter Programs

The following spay and neuter programs are available to Warren County residents through grants received by the Warren County Animalweb2.jpg.opt463x343o0,0s463x343 Control Department and Animal Ark. Having your pet spayed or neutered not only means they will be unable to produce litters but there are so many other benefits. Pets will live healthier lives, reduces the need to roam, reduces the need to mark their territory (your furniture) and reduces aggression. It also reduces the number of unwanted pets that end up being euthanized in animal shelters.

All surgeries are performed by the Warrenton Animal Clinic, 327 East Macon Street Warrenton, NC 27589, 252-257-0737.


$40.00 Dog Spay Neuter

 Dogs receive the surgery and rabies vaccination for $50 for dogs and $20 for cats. Simply call the Warrenton Animal Clinic to set up an appointment, 252-257-0737.


Government Assistance

Residents who receive government assistance can have the surgery done for free. Simply call, 252-257-6137, or come by the shelter to verify assistance and receive a voucher. This includes surgery and a rabies vaccination.

Guideline for establishing Eligibility Spay Neuter Assistance Application

Fix Your Pit

 Residents who own Pit Bulls or mixes can have them spayed or neutered for free. This includes surgery and a rabies vaccination. Call the Warrenton Animal Clinic to schedule your appointment, 252-257-0737. Be sure to tell them you want to “Fix Your Pit”!


Community Cat Program 

 This program allows residents to have their cat spayed or neutered for $10.00. This includes surgery and a rabies vaccination. Pet cats along with unsocial/feral cats are included in this program as long as the cat returns to the home where it was living. Community cats that live mostly on a person’s property but really don’t belong to that person are included. Unsocial or feral cats brought to the clinic in a trap will receive surgery, ear mite treatment, rabies vaccination and an ear tip (tip of the ear removed to show they have received surgery).

 Residents who own multiple cats and need assistance should call the shelter, 252-257-6137.

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