Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Control

Question: Does Warren County have a leash law?                                                                                                                                       Answer: No, but animals are not allowed to be a nuisance. Allowing animals to be at large, not confining females in estrus, animals  causing property damage, animals that snap, chase or otherwise molest people and other animals are all nuisances under the Warren   County Ordinance.

Question: Can i make an anonymous neglect or cruelty report?                                                                                                                   Answer: Yes, we do accept anonymous neglect or cruelty reports.

Question: Does Warren County have a tether ordinance?
Answer: No, not at this time.

Question: When does my dog, cat or ferret need a rabies vaccination?
Answer: NC State Law requires all dogs, cats or ferrets to be vaccinated at 4 months, this first vaccination is only good for a year. Rabies vaccinations are available at the Ark for $5 or veterinary clinic. 

Question: What should I do if a stray dog or cat shows up on my property?
Answer: You need to call the Ark to make a report to have Animal Control pick up the stray. The Ark accepts stray dogs Monday through Friday 11-4. 

Question: Can I keep a stray dog or find a new home for it?
Answer: NC State Law states that pets are property, by keeping this animal or finding it a new home, you are stealing someone's property. The best thing to do is to bring it to the Ark where it will be held for 72 hours to give the owner a opportunity to find their pet. Once the stray hold has expired and the animal has been evaluated for adoption, you may adopt making the animal legally yours. Not all animal that are wondering are homeless.

Question: Does Animal Control trap and remove wildlife?
Answer: No, trapping permits are needing for trapping and only during trapping season. Animal Control is not authorized to trap and remove wildlife. Please contact the NC Wildlife Resources Commission for more information about trapping wildlife.

Question: Can i borrow a trap from the Ark to catch stray dogs and cats?
Answer: Yes, you can borrow a trap for stray dogs and cats with the understanding that you are responsible for the safely and care for any animal trapped. Trapped domestic animals must be brought to the shelter within 12 hours of being trapped and traps need to set in safe locations that will not allow harm to come to the animal that is trapped. No trapping over the weekends or holidays, as we are not open and the animal cannot stay confined in the trap. Call or visit the Ark for more information, 252-257-6137.

Shelter and Adoption

Question: How much are adoption fees and have they had any vaccinations?
Answer: Dogs/puppies are $60.00 and have been vaccinated for distemper/parvo, bordetella and rabies if over 4 months old, dos over 6 months are heart worm tested and treated for fleas/ticks. Cats/kittens are $50 and have received a feline distemper vaccination and rabies vaccination if over 4 months, all are tested for Felv/FIV and treated for fleas/ticks. All animals adopted are microchipped. Puppies and kittens under 8 weeks are not available for adoption.

Question: Can i adopt for a friend?
Answer: No, the person who is adopting will be the legal owner of the animal, the microchip will be registered to that person and they will be responsible for having the animal spayed or neutered. The adopter signs a contract that they are adopting the animal for themselves and will be the person responsible for the care of this animal.

Question: Can you hold an animal till i can come to the shelter to adopt?
Answer: We do not hold. First come, first to adopt.

Question: Do i have to have the animal I adopted spayed or neutered.
Answer: Yes. Most animals end up in a shelter due to being unwanted. Since there are more animals than there are homes, there is no reason to make more. Animals that are adopted from the shelter can not be used for breeding regardless even if they are full blooded. Animals adopted to Warren County residents that are old enough are spayed or neutered before the animal goes homes. the shelter will arrange an appointment through the Warrenton Animal Clinic and once the surgery is complete, the new owner will pick the animal up from them. Animals that are too young, will be issued a voucher to have the surgery done when the animal is old enough. 

Question: Can i adopt out of county or state?
Answer: Yes, we adopt out of county or state. 

Question: If the adoption doesn't work out, can i get a refund?
Answer: No, we do not give refunds unless the animal died within days of the adoption but you must have proof from your veterinarian of cause of death.

Question: Can i bring my dog to meet a shelter dog that I want to adopt?
Answer: Yes, you can but the meeting will take place outside of the shelter. Due to disease risk, you dog will not be allowed into the kennel areas to meet other dogs or cats.

Spay and Neuter

Question: Does Warren County offer any low cost options for spay and neuter?
Answer: Yes, we have a program designed to help those residents who are currently receiving government assistance. A voucher can be purchased at the Ark for $10 for cats and $20 for dogs that covers the cost of the surgery, vaccinations and pain medication. The resident just needs to bring proof from Social Services of the type of assistance they are receiving in order to purchase the voucher. Once they have the voucher, they will need to call the Warrenton Animal Clinic to set up an appointment. Call or visit the Ark for further details, 252-257-6137.

Residents regardless of income can have their pets spayed or neutered through the Warrenton Animal Clinic for $40. Call the clinic for further details or to schedule an appointment, 252-257-0737.

Question: Shouldn't my female give birth to at least one litter before being spayed?
Answer: No, there is no medical reason that a female needs to give birth at least once. There are more reasons to have her spayed, healthier, no heat cycle, live longer and no puppies or kittens that you cannot find homes for that end up in a shelter where they could be euthanized. 

Question: Will my dog become overweight and lazy?
Answer: No, most pets become overweight due to being overfed and we don't exercise them enough.

Question: Will my male become less masculine and less protective?
Answer: Neutering doesn't affect a dog's natural instinct to protect his home or family and since they don't have a concept sexual identity or ego, they will not suffer an identify crisis by being neutered.