Facilities Review Ad Hoc Committee

The purpose of the Warren County Facilities Review Ad Hoc Committee is to broadly oversee Warren County’s physical assets: land & buildings. More specifically, to ensure the adequacy and condition of capital assets, identify policy(ies) needs, and to make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners as to the need for renovations or better utilization of existing facilities, and to consider adequate methods of ongoing/preventive maintenance of County facilities.​​


​1 – Representative from a Public Safety or organization             Sheriff or his designee

1 – Representative from County Building & Grounds                  or Designee
​      or Code Enforcement/Inspections Office

5 – Representatives with expertise or interest in the areas         Marvin Heavens, Construction
​      of plumbing, electric, structural engineering, HVAC and       Virginia Broach, Real Estate
​      landscaping.

​Member Terms:  The Committee should expire upon termination of work and recommendation of a Facilities Master Plan to the Board of Commissioners. In no case, shall the Committee’s work last longer than 6 months from the date of achieving a quorum of members, without specific authorization from the Warren County Board of Commissioners.