Town of Warrenton

For more information, please call the Town of Warrenton at 252-257-3315.

In-person visits to Warrenton Town Hall are now restricted, and the doors to the building will be locked. A notice explaining procedures will be on the door. Water customers that typically pay water bills at town hall will now need to pay their bills in the drop box, by bank draft or by credit or debit card over the telephone in keeping with the social distancing recommendation due to health concerns related to COVID-19. 

The following Town of Warrenton meetings for the month of March are cancelled:

·         Revitalization Committee

·         Historic District Commission

·         Quilter’s Lane Committee

·         Plummer Hook and Ladder Museum Committee

Warrenton Police Department will continue to provide service 24 hours a day, seven days a week with minor changes, such as limiting some types of face-to-face contact.