Satisfaction Methods

SL 2005-123 (SB 734)
Mortgage Satisfaction Act
Effective October 1, 2005

Significant Changes:

  • Registers no longer will certify that instruments to be recorded have been duly proved or acknowledged, or that the proof or acknowledgment is in due form – instead, registers review instruments for basic requirements and, if they are present, record

  • Deeds of trust and mortgages can be satisfied on the record with a simple instrument prepared and signed by the trustee or secured creditor and acknowledged

  • Borrowers’ attorneys can prepare and record affidavits of satisfaction when secured creditors fail to provide satisfactions

  • Registers’ marginal notes are no longer authorized

  • For more information, you can visit the NC General Assembly web site. You can search the web site for Session Law 2005-123 or Bill #734 in the upper left corner of the page.