Courthouse Square Memorial Committee

The purpose of the Warren County Courthouse Square Memorial Committee is to seek broad input from Warren County residents and make a recommendation to the Warren County Board of Commissioners on potential options due to the recent removal of the Courthouse Square Confederate monument.  The Committee should explore a variety of concepts and options, including public art.  The recommendation should include, but not be limited to: 1) Discussion of interest in replacement ideas or other options, 2) Make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on replacement options, 3) Coordinate solicitation of replacement options, if needed. 


The goal of the Committee is to ensure Warren County receives input from a diverse group of residents who can help facilitate conversations around the removal of the monument and consider options for a replacement that represents all of Warren County and its rich diversity.  

 Review of the Courthouse Square location

  1. Consider options for the monument base that remains – Repurpose or Replace
  2. Coordinate call for replacement ideas
  3. Identify replacement options
  4. Make a recommendation to the Warren County Board of Commissioners on replacement ;

Committee Structure:

The Committee shall be comprised of no more than eleven members with an interest in diversity and inclusion as an approach to replacing the Courthouse Square monument in an effort to unite Warren County with a public art project that represents Warren County.   

 The Committee shall have 6 At-Large members and one member from each Warren County Commissioner District.    


Richard Hunter, at-large

Tilda Hendricks, at-large

Victoria Lehman, at-large

Jereann King Johnson, at-large

Ronnie Terry - Veteran/American Legion Post 547

Al Cooper – Haliwa Saponi Tribe

Mary Goode Knight – District I

Mike Hairston – District II 

Dianna Talley – District III 

William Kearney – District IV 

Horace Cheek – District V