Environmental Education


The Envirothon program is a hands-on environmental science and natural resources competition for middle school and high school students. Five-member teams of students complete training and testing in 5 subject areas: Aquatics, Soils, Wildlife, Forestry, and Current Environmental Issues. Any public school, private school, home-school group, scout group, or 4-H club can participate. The middle school level is grades 5-8 and the high school level is grades 9-12. For further information, please feel free to contact our office at (252) 257-3836 EXT 3) and/or visit NC Area IV Envirothon

 NCDA&CS Resource Conservation Workshop 

The Resource Conservation Workshop is a week-long workshop for high school students and involves hands-on participation in a wide range of conservation topics. Entrants must have demonstrated an interest in natural resource conservation and be nominated by their local soil and water conservation district to attend. Students are housed at NC State University campus dormitories under the guidance of live-in counselors. For further information, click here

Student Contests

The North Carolina Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts sponsors a poster, essay, computer designed slide show, computer designed poster, and public speaking contest at a District, Area, and State levels to provide students an opportunity to become aware of and share their concerns for soil and water conservation through these contests. Additional details can be found at this link: NCDA&CS - Soil & Water Conservation Division - Technical Assistance Resources (ncagr.gov) and/or contact Warren County Soil and Water Conservation District at (252) 257-3836 EXT 3

  • Poster Contest – Grades 3-5
  • Essay contest – Grade 6
  • Computer Designed Slide Show – Grade 6
  • Computer Designed Poster – Grade 9
  • Public Speaking Contest – Grades 7-8