RFP for Multi-Modal Connector

Read the full RFP here 


Deadline to submit questions regarding this RFP is January 20, 2023 at 5:00 pm. The county will attempt to keep an ongoing list of questions and answers during that time; however, all questions and answers will be posted by January 24, 2023.
  • Question #1: Do the front and back covers of a submission count toward the page maximum? Answer: If these pages are not substantive, but are primarily a part of the design of the package, they will not count toward the page maximum.
  • Question #2: Can you provide a scope of any land surveying that may need to be done in this project? Answer: The county has not conducted any surveying in regard to this project. We are asking firms to factor in any necessary surveys into their proposals for this project.
  • Question #3: Can you provide a sample agreement and/or any terms and conditions documentation? Answer: The county has a standard contract addendum that is added to any agreement negotiated with the firm. You can view that addendum here. 
  • Question #4: Would you prefer a separate page listing three references, or could they be combined with our project experience qualifications? Answer: You can combine the references into the larger document if you prefer; they do not need to be on a standalone page.