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Posted on: January 17, 2024

Broadband Update- January 2024

As of January 2024, here are the key updates about the county’s broadband initiative. Residents can link to all companies and maps listed by visiting the county’s website at:


  • There are 3 companies that have received a mixture of federal and state funding to build out their broadband network in Warren County: Spectrum (Charter), AccessOn, and Zitel.
    1. Starlink did receive some funding, but it is of a minimal impact.


  • The state funding that you’ve heard so much about is called the GREAT grant. Spectrum and Zitel received GREAT grant funding. To see if you are at a GREAT grant address, visit the NC OneMap.If you do not see your address on this map, you are not being served with GREAT grant funds. However, there’s still a chance for you to receive service through other funding (keep reading).
    1. The providers originally submitted address-level detail when they applied for this funding, so those addresses are set.


  • Spectrum also received federal funding that we call RDOF (Rural Digital Opportunity Fund). In this application process, providers submitted competitive proposals to serve certain areas of the county called census tracts. They did not submit address-level details. Spectrum is finishing up the design work for this build-out, and they hope to have address-level details by the end of February.
    1. Spectrum plans to begin construction in June 2024 and they hope to be completed with GREAT grant construction and RDOF construction in about 6 months. Residents who are eligible for service will begin to receive mail closer to the beginning of construction.  
    2. We can expect that the construction will move from west to east due to the connection points outside of the county.
    3. Once Spectrum begins construction, customers will begin to receive service approximately a month after construction starts.
    4. You can view the areas where RDOF funding will go by visiting the FCC’s eligibility map (Auction 904 updated eligible areas)


  • AccessOn received federal funding from USDA to build out primarily in the southern part of the county in areas that did not get the GREAT grant or RDOF funding. You can see the areas where they are building by visiting their website. Contact the provider for service information.


  • AccessOn hopes to break ground on their equipment hut by the end of March 2024.


  • Residents will not have to wait for construction to be entirely completed before receiving service. All three companies will work to get service to customers as soon as possible, even if they are not done with construction for the entire county.


  • All three companies have timelines required of them by the grants, so they all want to move as quickly as possible. Keep in mind that construction is sometimes delayed by the availability of materials. We hope that will not be the case in Warren County, but residents should be aware that this is a realistic possibility.




What should you do if you aren’t sure if you will receive service at your house or business?


Call the providers and ask. If they say that you are not served at this time, call back in March. It could be that you are at an address that hasn’t been defined yet. We encourage residents to continue to reach out to providers throughout the year to express their interest and confirm service availability.

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