• Young girl with clown
  • Trophies
  • Snack on a table
  • Kid with dove on finger
  • Girl holding wand to clown
  • Electronics
  • Dove
  • Display on board in Library
  • Clown with young girl
  • Clown with his hands on a box
  • Clown with hard hat on talking to child
  • Clown with children
  • Clown talking to child
  • Clown talking to child wearing top hat
  • Clown presentation
  • Clown presentation with children participating
  • Clown holding up a board
  • Clown holding toy skunk
  • Clown holding sign saying wrong
  • Clown holding board
  • Clown handing dove to child
  • Clown handing card to someone
  • Clown doing magic
  • Clown doing magic while child
  • Clown doing card trick with young girl
  • Children interacting with child
  • Child wearing large hat
  • Build a Better World decorated cake
  • Build a Better World cake
  • Boy holding white rabbit

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