• Woman with crowd at event
  • Woman with arms out
  • Woman taking picture of rabbit
  • Woman speaking to crowd
  • Woman showing people in crowd objects
  • Woman petting rabbit
  • Woman interacting with crowd
  • Woman holding things out to crowd
  • Woman holding stick
  • Woman holding snake
  • Woman holding rabbit
  • Woman holding deer skull
  • Woman holding black snake
  • Turtle in container
  • Snake wrapped around hand
  • Seated man
  • Reptiles book
  • People talking
  • People in crowd listening to speaker
  • Group of children
  • Girl touching snake skin
  • Display table
  • Display table covered in objects
  • Deer skull on table
  • Crowd at event
  • Children sitting on floor
  • Carolyn name tag
  • Animals in containers
  • Animal in container
  • Animal carriers on table

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