• Young children working on crafts
  • Woman holding baby
  • Two children using selfie props
  • Two children standing in selfie frame
  • Tables set up for crafts
  • Table with craft items
  • Superhero capes table
  • Selfie Station
  • Room set up for crafts
  • People at craft table making things
  • NC Kids Digital Library table
  • Group of people talking
  • Girls making purple capes together
  • Girls making capes
  • Girl wearing purple cape
  • Girl wearing purple cape she made
  • Girl wearing cape she made
  • Girl wearing black cape
  • Girl using selfie station props
  • Girl smiling in purple cape
  • Girl posing in selfie station
  • Girl in cape
  • Girl holding funny glasses in picture frame
  • Earth Poster station
  • Children at table making crafts
  • Children at table by TV
  • Boy working on crafts
  • Boy wearing cape
  • Boy wearing cape he made
  • Boy sitting at table making crafts
  • Boy in selfie frame
  • Boy holding picture
  • Boy coloring
  • Boy at craft table

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